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Blue Orange Juice

June 8th, 2009 by Richard Stowey


It’s always struck me as strange, that the colours of the orange juice in ASDA seem to like being a little different. They used to be green, but recently they have decided to change the packaging to a predominantly blue colour (it is blue. picture is off colour). Now is it just me, or does this go against some sort of industry standard of orange juice being orange? And if there isn’t one, can one be invented?

Categories: Packaging Design

Samsung T220 Packaging Icons

June 2nd, 2009 by Richard Stowey


I recently purchased a new Samsung SyncMaster T220 monitor. It’s a significant size and resolution enhancement over my laptop screen. An increase from 15.4″ to 22″ is quite a large jump, and very refreshing.

I was intrigued by two of the warning icons on the plastic software CD packaging. What looks like a baby and an adult with the plastic bag over their heads and choking. I quite like them because they are simple, effective and quite fun even though the message is strong and important.q2feakbnzq

Categories: Illustration
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