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4 Reasons I Like the World Cup

June 23rd, 2010 @ 20:11 GMT by Richard Stowey

Football Fans

I don’t really like football as a whole. I like the occasional kick about, and the in-depth analysis at half -time and full-time where they show the best bits of the game, but that’s about it.

My brain doesn’t seem to have the capacity to watch a full game and find it interesting. Truth be told, i’d almost rather be doing something else.

There are a couple of reasons, however, since the start of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa why I do like football.

1. Empty Roads

The roads are extremely quiet. Need to go on a long journey, enjoy motorcycling or taking your convertible out for a spin? – When there’s a game on, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge and take advantage of the open roads and lack of other road users.

2. Quiet Office

It’s a great chance to get some work done. The office goes quiet for an hour and a half, and the endless stream of emails slows to less than a snails pace. It’s almost like turning the internet off, but still being able to access it for work purposes.

3. Good atmosphere

Generally, having something which the whole country is aiming for, striving and supporting, is good for the overall happiness and feel-good-factor of the country. It’s a common goal which everyone is focused on, which almost dominates conversation. It’s nice to have something everyone thinks and talks about. Even if you’re not that interested, you can still take part!

4. Another excuse for celebration

It is a good excuse to celebrate. Beer, wine, BBQ’s, or general enjoyment. Again, it’s an excuse for everyone to get together and have some fun.

Well, these are four of the reasons why I like football tournaments on a grand scale. So how can we make these things come around more often to reap the benefits over and over again! If you love football, then you’d love it. If you don’t like football, then you’ll still love it!!

Image by timsnell

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