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Richmond Photowalk 2010

July 31st, 2010 @ 09:55 GMT by Richard Stowey

Worldwide Photowalk 2010 - Richmond, London

Scot Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is an event which takes place each year around the world where photographers come together in groups to take pictures within their local areas. Last year I went to the Bristol event, but since moving to London 9 months ago, I decided this year to take part in the Richmond event on this years photowalk day.

Each event comprises a maximum of 50 photographers, with one leader who decides the meeting point and the general area within which we could take shots, although you’re pretty much free to take pictures wherever you like within the location. There are around 1100 walks taking place across the globe all on the same day!

Worldwide Photowalk 2010 - Richmond, London

This year I pretty much used one lens. This is the 35-70mm f/2.8 which contains a macro function. It’s an older Nikon lens which means the motor in my Nikon D90 drives the lens. This makes it effectively a 56-112mm lens on my half frame camera. The macro functionality is great for closeups on product and flowers.

I really like the style that this lens almost forces me into. I tend to try and use the 2.8 aperture as much as possible in order to focus on one detail and then blur the rest of the image into infinity and use that space for colour and abstraction rather than for detail.

Worldwide Photowalk 2010 - Richmond, London

Using the different lenses in different situations where you might not necessarily use them normally does mean that you get to try new things. Who knows, next year I might try and take photos in a different country, and also with a completely different lens.

These photos are all by me, and available to view with the whole collection from the day, on my flickr page.