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Linking Photo Albums on Facebook

August 14th, 2010 @ 17:29 GMT by Richard Stowey


Unfortunately this isn’t a how to guide for linking photo albums on Facebook. The functionality to link currently isn’t available. This is all about how it could work, in theory.

1. Photo Albums

Photo albums can be added within Facebook, and the sharing properties of these can be set to allow friends, friends of friends, everyone or a customised set of people based on lists and specific names. This is brilliant, and all very well and good.

2. EXIF Data in Cameras

The next step, which I think would make photo albums more interactive, would be to link photo albums.  By using the EXIF data within a photograph, which is automatically recorded to the photo file on digital cameras and kept within the file as it’s uploaded, the exact timestamps between photographs can be assessed.

3. Functionality of Linking Albums

This data can be used to string multiple photos together from different people in a linked photo album. Provided that the times on the cameras are nearly synchronised, it could provide a better and more complete chronological view of a day, event, party or night out from plenty of different angles and viewpoints, heights and styles of photography.

I see the opportunity to merge multiple people’s photo albums and bring an overall view of one holiday or event. The overall photo album with mixed photos would make for a much better viewing experience.

So, Facebook, is this your next big new feature? It could be awesome!