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SEO Tactics: Webuyanycar.com – Sell Used Car

September 1st, 2010 @ 23:16 GMT by Richard Stowey

It’s clear what they do from their annoying adverts. It’s interesting to see how far they go in order to rank highly for certain keywords like Sell Used Car.

More often than not, copy is created for a website based on the message that it needs to communicate to people, in order to aid a buying process or funnel visitors through to a certain place. Optimising a page includes important keywords for that page within the body copy, so that search engine’s calculate that the page is important and relavent to that keyword.

During the process of selling my Fiat Punto recently, I noticed something strange about the copy on webuyanycar.com. This page which attempts to communicate how selling your car through webuyanycar.com works, actually is a pretty well optimised page for several keywords.

The interesting thing here isn’t that the page is optimised, it’s that it’s been over optimised. This means that it reads well for search engines but when the genuine audience reads it, it doesn’t really sound like normal content.

Here is a quick example:

Find out more about used cars here on our used cars website for used cars. Used cars are the most interesting type of used cars on the used car market.

See how many times I have managed to cram the phrase used cars in here… crazy for human readers, but great for search engines. The titles within the page have also been filled with used cars phrases, which almost make them irrelavent.

What is this doing to our internet? It’s making websites and web pages very focused on a specific keyword or phrase, and in some cases almost changing the real content, meaning, and use of a page into something else. Are these pages useful other than for search engine optimisation?

Whatever the future holds for pages of website content, I managed to find out what the website was about and sell my car!

  • http://www.osca-websites.co.uk steve

    almost looks like this page has been created for we buy any car?

  • http://www.richardstowey.co.uk Richard Stowey

    Just an experiment.
    And the link just says “this page”

  • http://www.osca-websites.co.uk steve

    its fair to say that google looks at more than just the link itself, it looks at what the page is about :) So potentially your doing them a favour :)

  • http://www.richardstowey.co.uk Richard Stowey

    in that case, the link is now a nofollow link.

  • http://www.webuyanycat.com/ webuyanycat

    It’s a shame they didn’t think of going down the viral / linkbait route for their marketing…

    Shame we got there first ;)