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GoPro HD Hero Clamp Mount

December 3rd, 2010 @ 12:00 GMT by Richard Stowey

GoPro HD Motorcycle Camera

The same video camera which my brother used for A Season to Remember is now in my hands, thanks Miles! I’m going to be experimenting with it, although might have to wait for the summer to get the best shots!

The picture above was simply acheived with the use of a GoPro HD Hero, and a tripod clamp. Nothing too spectacular, but with the addition of electrcal tape I have attached it to a few different places on my Honda CB600F. The picture above is attached next to the back wheel facing backwards. Below is a picture which shows the forward facing view clamped onto the top box bracket runner. Both are interesting views, but i’m thinking that perhaps something a little more distant could prove more interesting for video.

GoPro HD Motorcycle Camera

GoPro HD Hero on clamp mount

I am now debating whether it’s worth purchasing a chest mount or pole mount in order to mount in different positions!

  • Miles

    The best results I have seen have been when the camera is mounted looking back at the motorcyclist, snowboarder, wind surfer etc. If you could maybe put a pole extension on your wing mirror and have it looking back at you I think that would be uber cool!

  • http://www.richardstowey.co.uk Richard Stowey

    I think you’re right, Miles. I think the wing mirror pole extention is a good idea. Or even just on the wing mirror, then you can see me and the road behind!! Maybe i’ll try that when i go out next!!

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