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Is it Ric or Richard?

December 29th, 2010 @ 19:13 GMT by Richard Stowey


Today I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I’ve managed to last since May 2010 (when I bought the Honda) without purchasing anything over the phone. But today I needed to renew my contents insurance, and for some reason the broker’s website wouldn’t allow me to do this online.

I must say that the guy I spoke to seemed to try very hard, and I was pretty happy that at least I could hold a conversation with someone who was within about 200 miles or so without saying “sorry, what?” every few moments.

After taking my details, his first question to me was “Would you like to be called Ric or Richard?”

Now, have I been shopping online too much to allow the real world to advance so much that people now presume your preferred name. Where on earth did that come from? And where on Jupiter did Mr. Stowey go?

The company also seem to have turned the tick box which appears at the end of an online form, asking whether you would or would not like to receive any messages from them or third parties, into a message which appears at the beginning of your call within a pre-recorded message, BEFORE you’ve even bought anything!!!

Telephone by Esparta, on Flickr

  • Noël

    I promise never to refer to you as anyone other than Mr Stowey. ;o)