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How does this blogging stuff work again?

January 10th, 2011 @ 12:00 GMT by Richard Stowey

Worldwide Photowalk 2010 - Richmond, London

I’ve been blogging for quite some time now. My blogging motivations have changed a little since I started, but I’ve only just started to get the hang of it and realise what I do it for.

It started off as a way to document my journey through university, and more specifically during Msc Design Engineering at Middlesex university. That sort of slowed to a halt after the work load became high, but the intention was there!

I then started this incarnation for a few reasons. It’s somewhere to talk about my frustrations, ideas, observations and it’s an opportunity for other people to see what’s going on in my head! It’s a mixed bag of fruit really – some book reviews, comments on the industry I work in, some stuff relating to the job I do, and the rest is either photography or motorcycle related. There’s also the odd bit about technology, user experience and the like thrown in too.

I don’t think I’m able to stick to one subject. I love project management and the web but I have a lot of ideas, designs and observations on the world around me, and too many to just stick to one subject.

Even though it’s a completely random collection of subjects and choice of words, it’s my blog and I like it!

Worldwide Photowalk 2010 – Richmond, London by Richard Stowey, on Flickr

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