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New Years Resolutions

January 1st, 2011 @ 09:00 GMT by Richard Stowey

The London Eye

Recently I haven’t been feeling my usual self. I put it down to a number of things including being pretty busy at work, getting the train to work recently, living in an urban environment, general seasonal affectiveness and not talking enough holidays. I also seem to have failed to find enough time to enjoy my passions.

So, in a conscious bid to rectify the situation and get the magic back, I’ve made some new years resolutions which I hope will help make me feel a bit more me and in turn make me happier, more positive and more optimistic. It should also make me a little more pleasant to be around.

  • Look for the magic
  • It’s not all about me
  • Work is not really very important
  • Make time for the people and things I love
  • Take more holidays
  • Don’t just read work books
  • Enjoy more live music
  • Enjoy more photography

Normally I’d go for something usual like trying to stop biting my nails, but they only last 5 days! And instead of picking one action, i’m going for a whole heap of things in the hope that at least three or four stick! I can also amend to them anytime.

These things are about lifestyle and what I do, what makes me and the people around me happy.

So, lets see what 2011 brings for everyone.

The London Eye by Richard Stowey, on Flickr

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