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Sidi Strada Rain Motorcycle Boots Review

May 11th, 2011 @ 22:24 GMT by Richard Stowey


After a year of wearing my Sidi Strada Rain motorcycle boots, I scuffed the front toe of my right motor cycle boot. It’s made me realise just how good the Sidi motorbike boots are! Read on for more about these motorcycle boots.

I bought a pair of Sidi Strada Rain boots from Fowlers after nipping into Bristol to get them one lunchtime during the work week. This was after taking part in (and passing) my CBT wearing a pair of work boots with steel toe caps in the end. I was advised that steel toe caps were not a good idea on motorcycles!! So I fairly quickly went out and got a hold of some new boots before doing my direct access course.

The Strada Rain boots from Sidi were sold to me by a guy who had written off his previous bike (the guy who sold me my helmet also wrote off his bike! See the common theme there!), and although I was learning and thought he was a tad daft, his advice was sound.

They fit well, suited my budget of just over £100, and looked like they would do the trick. Not knowing much about boots, I figured that if they were waterproof then that would be good enough! They also have a reinforced sole which means that they cannot bend backwards, but can forwards, allowing for ease of normal walking but if the boot gets caught under the peg, I shouldn’t lose a foot. It’s most likely standard in a good pair of boots, but worth mentioning.

After a year and a half of using them, the have turned out to be a truely great choice for the all-year-round motocycling I have been doing. They are fairly hot in the summer, but not bad for full coverage. They are pretty warm in the winter, even without really having a winter lining. They fit really well, slide on and zip up easily, and so far they have been completely waterproof! The Sidi Strada Rain boots are also fairly flexible as to whether I put my jeans over the top or tuck them in, allowing for full comfort.

I regularly ride a Honda CB600F Hornet, and even whilst using a Honda Shadow VT750C for a day, they fit perfectly.

The Sidi Strada Rain boots don’t look like a hardcore street racers boot, but they don’t look like something your grandad might wear either. They sit within a nice middle ground which would probably suit about 90% of normal motorcycle riders.

I’m definitely not looking to replace these any time soon. What an excellent pair of boots!