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You are Your Brand

October 4th, 2011 @ 22:53 GMT by Richard Stowey

Unevolved Brand #93

It’s beginning to make perfect sense.

The power of the individual, the importance of personal brand and the ability for an individual to control what they do and how they do it has never been clearer and easier. All this, even though thanks to the internet, the personal brand has more facets to control, manipulate and keep track of.

The internet has improved connectedness, improved communication, broken down barriers and enabled anyone to talk to anyone. There is more opportunity for an individual to customise their lives and personal image now than there ever has been. Seth Godin is living proof of the way in which people can drive their lives around their passion. His passion for marketing has led to a successful blog, several books and other ventures and enterprises which have sprouted from this.

In one of his many blog posts he very nicely sums up how the recession will always come and go, but in order to get out of it people need to become empowered and find their own way. You can’t expect the factory to give you a job anymore.

“When everyone has a laptop and connection to the world, then everyone owns a factory. Instead of coming together physically, we have the ability to come together virtually, to earn attention, to connect labor and resources, to deliver value.”

At a London Web event last summer (you know, the real summer when it rains and isn’t sunny!), Thomas Power guided an audience of attentive web geeks into the subject of personal branding. Most members of the audience were expecting a talk on the Gamification of Websites, but Thomas Power explained his take on the real game. The personal brand game.

He is a walking example of playing the game. He started a social networking site, has maxxed out friend and connection requests on many social networking websites, talks about social networking, branding and many other things. Thomas Power has also chosen his own route through life with great success, using his knowledge of the game to discuss the game some more.

Starting an online presence is easy – Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Flickr and Tumblr are all starting points for expressing who you are, what you want to do and what you can offer the world. Maintaining a personal brand which maintains a high level of engagement and high standards, is difficult.

Whilst it’s something which is observed every day, until this point I hadn’t understood the importance of the personal brand and personal self connection. Everyone has an opportunity to create their own brand online and offline, and to utilise that as they desire. I do think that it’s still important to understand how best to use a brand, and how to put across a certain message.

Unevolved Brand #93 by imjustcreative, on Flickr

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