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Online Project and Web Tools for Efficient Work

November 28th, 2011 @ 10:01 GMT by Richard Stowey

Computer toolkit

Daily working life is far more complicated than ever before with many simultaneous projects and work going on all at the same time. Thankfully there are a couple of online project and work web tools which can be used to enhance your productiveness, increase efficiency and help tackle daily workload.


Skitch, which is available on the Mac, iPhone and Android, allows users to take quick screenshots or photos and add annotations, words and marks to indicate or describe additional parts about the picture.


Balsamiq is a perfect tool for producing wireframes for vaious web design and development projects. From quick and dirty mockups to deep and meaningful site structures and content plans.


Screenr allows for the recording of on-screen actions and screencasts. Perfect if you’re working on a corporate network and can’t install additional software, and great even if not. You may want to go with the pro version if you want to keep your screen recordings private.


Basecamp is so widely used now it’s almost not worth mentioning, but it is a hugely comprehensive project management tool which allows for the management of multiple projects with multiple people across loads of organisations. It’s extremely cost effective and allows the transfer and storage of large filesizes.


If you’re not using Basecamp for your project management needs because it’s overkill then Trello is a good substitute. It’s perfect for assigning projects, and keeping on top of responsibilities, a small number of actions and upcoming and expected deadlines.


Need to communicate a quick issue with an online project, or use another website as an example (noone ever does this!!)? Markup.io allows you to draw on a webpage and create a link for someone else to see exactly the same markup. Indicate changes and errors or highlight what you like and don’t like!

Gather Content

If you are into your content strategy and have a lot of content to write for a website, gather content can help. Setup your planned content and then gather to match the setup. It will help reduce assumptions over content and ensure every detail is planned for!

Image Computer toolkit by ZaCky ॐ, on Flickr

  • Anonymous

    Hey Richard,

    Nice post, thanks for mentioning GatherContent :)

    You should check out asana.com, it’s nice for internal task management.

  • Victoria Noje

    Hi Richard,
    I have tried some of the tools from this article and I would also recommend elapseit as a complete software for resource planning, time tracking and project management .