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Richard Stowey's localised view of the world.

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Forest Me

My name is Richard Stowey and this is my blog. Contained within are some of my observations, thoughts, ideas and comments surrounding various disciplined or art, design, motorcycling, reading, photography and various other aspects of my life! I have chosen to present my content in a blog format due to my enjoyment of current design, photography and a critical view on much of the surrounding world. This is where I present my ideas, photographs, sketches and thoughts about the world around me.

My educational background is both creative and technical, with a BA in 3D Design and MSc in Design Engineering. I have worked as a 3D Modeller, Product Designer, Website Designer, Production Manager and currently as a Digital Project Manager.

If you would like to get in touch then please contact me. I shall do my best to return your enquiry as soon as I can. For more about me please take a look at my photography on flickr and bookmarks on delicious. I hope you enjoy the content available here.

All content is © copyright Richard Stowey, unless otherwise stated. Please respect this and either ask before reproducing any content or provide a direct link as a source. Thank you. Photo above can be found here.